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Monash e-Research Centre Collaboration Tools Wiki

Welcome to the Monash e-Research Centre Collaboration Tools Wiki. This wiki has been created to provide up-to-the-minute information detailing the features and capabilities of the tools and applications supported by the MeRC, as well as a collection of technical and support resources.

A key aim of e‑Research is the use of IT to facilitate better research collaborations, within Monash, nationally and internationally, within and between disciplines.  A range of capabilities, including those to be provided by ICE and the AAF will be introduced to assist Monash researchers collaborate. In particular we support Confluence, JIRA and Sakai. A summary of the various tools and their uses can be found here.

Confluence overview and description
Confluence suggestions and guidelines
Confluence F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)
Confluence Showcase

Sakai overview and description
Sakai Quick Start Guide
Sakai User Guide
Sakai Tutorial Videos

EVO is being decommissioned on the 30th November 2012
Next generation desktop video-conferencing services
are being investigated, including SeeVogh

Mediaflux Overview and Description
Mediaflux F.A.Q.
Mediaflux Tutorial Videos
Mediaflux Documentation (Old Desktop)





Jira overview and description
Jira Quick Start Guide
Jira User Guide

Watch this space.
MeRC is constantly revising our offerings

Subversion is being decommissioned for new projects

in favour of GIT.  Use servicedeskonline to enquire.

CloudStor overview and instructions
CloudStor FAQ