Use of this site by all users is subject to Monash University's normal Staff Acceptable Use Policy for IT Services (AUP) see below.
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Confluence Enterprise Wiki

The Confluence Enterprise Wiki is one of the newest additions to the Monash University collaborative research space. Confluence is an enterprise wiki created by Atlassian that provides a secure, stable and customisable wiki environment for users, and relies upon the Monash LaRDS research data store, which provides reliable long term preservation of data.

As a highly-developed and professional-level wiki, Confluence provides access to a number of useful tools and features which include the collaborative creation and modification of both internal and external web pages and wiki pages, and also provides the following:

  • Work areas,
  • Blogs,
  • Bulletins,
  • Notices,
  • News posts,
  • File storage,
  • Versioning,
  • Custom templates, and
  • User-configurable skinning.

A showcase featuring a number of Confluence sites is also available here.

Accessing Confluence

Confluence is available to Monash researchers and HDR students, and can be accessed using Authcate. Once logged in, users can immediately begin creating wiki pages, which can then be made editable by others in specific group(s). Such pages can also be made available to external collaborators and the public, depending upon their content.

We would like to encourage all users to examine Confluence in depth and provide feedback, so please begin exploring. If you require any assistance or advice or have any suggestions about how to use Confluence to best meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact the Monash e-Research Centre, in particular the Monash e-Research Centre .

Getting started and getting help

There are a number of resources available that explore Confluence and its functionality, and these include:

Acceptable use policy and Disclaimer

The Monash instance of Confluence is provided 'as is' by Monash University for use by Monash researchers and their research collaborators at other institutions. Use by your research collaborators external to Monash University is encouraged and welcomed. Use of this pilot by all users is subject to Monash University 's normal Staff Acceptable Use Policy for IT Services (AUP) available at: The Monash team leader of each research group is responsible for ensuring that the AUP is adhered to by all members of the group. Publication of information, information access controls and group membership controls are the responsibility of the team leader of each worksite.  Monash University does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided by the service, nor the fitness for purpose of the service for your intended application. Data is stored and backed-up on the University's LaRDS research data store.  Services are provided to 3rd parties on an 'all care no responsibility' basis. Use of this site indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions.